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Hahaha, Nicee!

its maybe a little short, but it's got some humor back there!!:D And the graphics aren't that bad eather!.. and the sound totaly fits in this movie. Overall great movie

great animation!!

...but too bad 4 the graphcis dude...

hehehe, nice one :D

maybe u could have improved the graphics, but it was very watching it though...:D nice idea, lol

realy great!

all frame-by-frame animation! Realy smooth too!

wow dude!

you must be a realy, realy good 3d moddeler and animator!! (3ds max?) well, anyway this movie rocks!! supa great job!!

what do i have to say?

first of all, i think there's one real animator with the idea of madness.... and as second, why did you made this in sprites? where is the tooblbox in flash for? and for a preview this one is terrible, at one frame it stops, but the sound's still playing!! and in a preview, jou have to make it like a trailer so people at least have a idea that is will become good: you now submitted a incomplete movie without any qualities!!

TheComet responds:

Well, I'm terrible with the toolbox so I had to screenshoot everything from Madness Interactive. Yes I know that the ttrailor scene didn't show, an there r actually 20 seconds in frames where it stops, and the music keeps up with those. I'm relying on people who review for ideas though, so please give me some ideas (I'm going to add the jetpack in this for the madman [or so to say] which for some reason he never used one in avenger or redeemer :\)

canibaly good!

great fantasies and humor in it!!

not bad for ur first flash

you did well on the animation, the graphics could be wors tough.....


just little work by using Swift 3d or something like that and just using simple BOXES!! how simple can this be....

i stopped watching too.....

the voices realy lick, the art wasn't that bad... but with the telephone part..... they just stand still..... no animation, it bored me, so i stopped watching...

Cherry-Clock responds:

Yes, After viewing it many times I too saw that i did not animate their faces or anything.....

the second part will be better.

thanks for pointing this out.


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