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The game itself is great.
If the technical aspect was in tact, it would deserve a 4.5/5.

Issues that should have been fixed before it was uploaded:
-The game it poorly optimized and runs very slow on my i-7
-The tutorial is messed up: if you don't place the wall tiles correclty, you cannot complete your shop and there is no BACK of CANCEL button to prevent it, giving the player no other choice then a full game restart.

The other bugs could have been fixed in time.

The game's engine seems to work on a gameclock with a forced framebuffer to 60 (used updateAfterEvent?)
*if this is true, DON'T use that because this messes games up quickly. Use a custom coded frame skip instead.

Another tip: All the graphics are rendered as vectors. The vectors don't seem to be well optimized for all the bunch of stuff going on on screen. At least for the backgrounds, either use a code to draw al vector graphics to a bitmap of simplefy the vector's in details, colors and curves.

Anyway, I'm not the holy Flash guru, but just wanted to share my thoughts.
Hope you read this and take at least some of my critics in account for an awsome 3rd sequal to this game!

-What the game could have been: 4.5/5
-What the game in it's current state deserves: 3/5

chill game...

i liked part 2, and suprisely i saw part 3!! is realy cool, thnx 4 making it!:)


like i said, David Hua is the real author, i know it, because i thought him a part of the game engine and i believe what he says! it's totaly bullshit what that MACHSTEALTH says!!

a message for that MACHSTEALTH, don't fuck with my student's work, it's somehow a little personal part of me!!

i can understand DAVID is upset! (so am I)


i think u have 2 test ur game before submitting.
i dunno if this is ur first platorm game, but i wanna give u change, keep practising!! :)

Bofred responds:


here's a little review....

1. the layout looks realy terrible. give it a nice look.

2. you expained everything quite well, but you could at least add some images. (a good thing i knew everything, so the text wasn't a prob for me, but for the noobs, pictures are very handy)

3. overall: good, but boring tutorial.

W-O-GG-O-D responds:


you call this a game!!??

this peace a shit totaly sucks!! why? cause reaction time is realy short, that's not he problem, but the buttons are so small and they every time change position so I can't find the button very quickly and with that short tie your are giving and the changing position it's just impossible to play. I just think that this is a normal movie and if you click on a button (as exemple the head) the timeline just goes to another frame and that sucks too... if you can't make real games, than stop wasting your time, but make animations or something....


how easy can it get???????? just some stupid stick figueres with only 3 levels...... the animation is nice, but also simple to make....... IT ISN'T EVEN READEBLE!!!!!!!

kinda funny

I never seen a game like this on newgrounds, funny, but only you may make a computer oppoment....

Nice, good, better, best, great!

I realy love this game, only by the bonuslevel with the hostage, make it a little more goodlooking and interactive... you may work a little at that animation as well, but let's talk about the res tof the game: goddamnit, what a fun game!!

keep going!!

a little stupid

you can't even kill that stupid basterds, it just doesn't works for me.......


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